The Wolf of Wall Street – Film Review

Absurd, vile, crude are just some of the words that pop to mind when describing this obscene two hour and forty five minuet epic. The Wolf of Wall Street is based on the unfathomable events that took place on Wall Street in the mid 90’s through the eyes of Jordan Belford, a Wall Street stock broker. We are taken on a journey through Jordan’s career and life, the ups, the downs, the drugs, the sex, the money, the partying and the fraudulent schemes he and his colleagues conduct on the stock exchange.


Jordan Belford (The Wolf of Wall Street) Played by Leonardo DiCaprio is the focal character for this movie and good god what a misogynistic, nouveau riche bastard he is. Truly detestable. The movie follows events after the crash of 87 and the creation of his company, selling penny stocks to ‘shmucks’ whilst gaining obscene rates of commission. Before then moving to bigger premises and dabbling in stock manipulation, money laundering and pretty much every other financial crime that you can fathom.


This movie tries to tackle the very serious issue of financial crime and all the rest that inevitably comes with it, whilst doing so it remains truly hilarious and thoroughly up-lifting. Martin Scorsese does a great job of making light of scenes and themes that are often difficult to watch, through the comedic scripting coupled with bizarre alterations in the music. Represented perfectly during the transition in scenes between Jordan’s yacht capsizing and then being rescued. The pace of the movie could have been in jeopardy, if it were not for the injection of a high paced song made the transition more palatable. I think this stroke of genius epitomises what Martin is trying to make people feel watching this movie, he wants people smiling throughout, and come out smiling…

Notable performances:

Leonardo DiCaprio (Jordan Belford)

I am sorry, but this performance just raises more The Wolf of Wall Streetquestions about the legitimacy of the Oscars. He was outstanding in this, the speeches, the selling and the fact he did not win anything out of this but did from the revenant is beyond me. The believability that he brought into this performance was great and he really got into the role right from the off.

Margot Robbie (Naomi Lapaglia)

Arguably her best performance to date and the one Margot-Robbie-The-Wolf-of-Wall-Streetthat broke her into Hollywood stardom. Her accent was bang on the money, her ‘rich girl’ demeanour evolves throughout the movie naturally and she creates a really likeable yet loathable character in my opinion, which is hard to do.

Matthew McConaughey (Mark Hanna)

Although this was more of a cameo, he wasBIG-MM-1200x520 arguably Jordan’s biggest influence in the movie with regards to the way stock brokers conduct themselves and what they do. Utterly hilarious, such a natural performance and I would actually like to have seen more of him throughout the movie, as Matthew created such a good aura and demeanour to this character.

Dud performances:

Kyle Chandler (Agent Patrick Denham)

There were no absolute duds, however slightly Kyle Chandleroff I must say was that of Kyle’s performance. I realise he was trying playing the ‘straight detective’, however he did not add much to his character with regards to personality and depth. Given the fact that he became one of Jordan’s good friends after to being released from prison (in reality). Leading to a somewhat forgettable performance in my eyes.

Final thoughts 

I don’t think that The Wolf Of Wall Street overcomplicates itself with regards to the satire of wealth and what comes with it, unlike movies of the same ilk such as American Psycho. The Wolf of Wall Street is just obscene in every way and I think that is why it appeals to a lot more people. In so far as there are no ‘hiddTHE WOLF OF WALL STREETen messages’ behind the scenes, like there are in American Psychos business card scene for use of a better example. Each and every scene is very memorable and gripping with regards to the unfolding of the story line. Coupled with some outstandingly funny individual performances this is up there with my favourite movies of all time due largely to its pure rewatchability.  9/10


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