Best James Bond Villains – Top 5

I am going to start by adding a caveat to the title in that the four out of my five are pairings, being villains and their henchman. In addition this is my own top 5, if you think others should have made the list I would love to hear them so drop a comment below! 

5) Le Chiffre

A personal favourite from the Daniel Craig era is Le Chiffre. He encapsulates everything a bond villain should; the scars, the accent and that stare! Some of the most iconic scenes from that movie are only enhanced by Le Chiffre. Starting with the all-in poker scene; the suspense and his arrogance upon the showdown is just incredimads_mikkelsen_casinoble… ‘oops, you must have thought I was bluffing Mr Bond’ with a rise smile. But who can forget the famous rope scene? Torture scenes in Bond movies are often rather inventive, we have seen sharks, snakes, medieval devices an
d even lasers… But only Le Chiffre can make a rope and a seatless chair to be just as menacing as the rest… ‘i’ve got an itch’.

4) Auric Goldfinger and Odd Job

A Fan favourite through and through, this pairing is a classic and arguably the most Auric-Goldfinger-Goldfinger-1964iconic in the franchise. I think what has propelled Auric Goldfinger to such a fan
favourite is the legendary Laser scene, a classic which embodies just how evil he was… ‘No Mr Bond I expect you to die!’. coupled with the absolute unit of a henchman that is Odd Job, wielding a bowler hat that can be thrown to kill people, Sure why not after all it is James Bond.

3) Alec Trevelyan and Xenia Onatopp

Alec Trevelyan is an interesting Bond villain as he starts out as an agent for MI6, so Alec_Trevelyan_(Sean_Bean)_-_Profilethroughout the movie you still feel compelled to sympathise with him. Saying that it never detracted from just how evil he become, after all he did want to literally blow up the earth. His sidekick was the somewhat attractive Xenia, using her seduction skills to bizarrely enough kill people during sexual activity… yes I know. She was a true psychopath and a perfect companion due to her complete submission and loyalty to Alex.

2) Francisco Scaramanga and Nick Nack

To some extent I would say Scaramanga is a coward for large parts if not all of this movie, constantly trying to evade and lure Bond. However, this only makes him more dangerous and unpredictable, demonstrated perfectly in the final showdown on the island. One of my favourite Cbond-scaramanga27hristopher Lee performances, his delivery is sublime and menacing… He also has a flying car! A perfect companion to such an evasive villain is an unsuspecting midget in my eyes… I mean who would
know? Nick Nack is truly instrumental in Scaramangas plans for nearly all of this movie, and without him I think this movie would loose a lot of its charm and personality.

1) Karl Stromberg and Jaws

Come on, could it really have been any other duo? Starting with Jaws, the name alone gives you a pretty good idea of what this blokes gimmick is… teeth. He is truly frightening and could easily make it into any horror movie. He has been in more than one bond movie but he is at his best in The spy who loved me, specifically throughout the pharos scene. I mean, biting through lock and chains to reach his quarrelling victim, he is Jawsunquestionably the best bond villain. The thing is he is only a henchman, the brains of the operation in The spy who love me came from Karl Stromberg, who has to have the coolest lair in all the bond movies. Sitting in a victorian decor room, dropping unsuspected victims into a shark pool in his underwater fortress, I think is the pinnacle of what a true bond villain is all about


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